Houston Divorce Attorney

Houston Divorce

Houston divorce attorney deals with reconstructing the components of the family as they were pre-divorce. This includes property division, custody of the children and a visitation schedule, or even the party with whom the family pet will live.

A contested divorce, in which the parties do not agree of the divorce terms, has many associated costs. In addition to the financial costs, there are intangible costs such as stress, worry, lost sleep, all of which take a toll physically and mentally.

While it may not be possible to eliminate these costs, it may be possible to minimize them by the selection of your Houston divorce attorney. To get the right professional and legal advice, seeking help from a qualified Houston divorce attorney can be the best option.

As an experienced Houston family attorney, I work directly with my clients, not through support staff, to understand not just what the issues are but also to understand how the issues developed. An in-depth understanding provides a foundation for planning toward an agreement that is workable for each unique family. As a divorce lawyer, I believe in negotiated settlements. A settlement provides the first step to parties working together to co-parent their children because the settlement was their decision and not a decision that was imposed by a judge. A settlement is much less costly than a trial to a judge or jury in Texas.

However, not all cases are settled. In the event a settlement does not occur, the case must be tried. As a professional and dedicated Houston divorce attorney in Houston, Texas, I work diligently with my client to determine our presentation of evidence and witnesses to the court in an effort to obtain my client’s desired outcome.

Temporary Orders During the Pendency of the Divorce Case

This can occur at the beginning of a case to determine temporary orders that protect the parties and their property as they go through the divorce process. Temporary orders can include temporary use and possession of property. An example is the issue of who remains in the marital residence during the pendency of the divorce. Additionally, temporary orders typically include children related issues such as temporary conservatorship, visitation and child support. In my office, the Law Office of Marlene Dancer Adams, as a divorce attorney, I work closely with our clients to sort out the issues and work creatively toward an amicable settlement.