Family Law Mediation, Texas


I have attained the status of Credentialed Advanced Mediator by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association and am a Member of the Texas Association of Mediators.

As a practicing Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Law Attorney, I am committed to dispute resolution through mediation as the preferable way to resolve differences. Mediation is an informal and confidential process which allows the people to agree on the course they will take in the future, in a manner that best suits their family.
Mediation is appropriate for resolution to all types of family matters, including:

    separation, divorce, custody, property division, asset protection, modification of prior court orders, relocation, grandparents rights.

Mediation is a bridge between families’ past conflict and the present resolution to controversies. In mediation, I, as a mediation attorney encourage open communication designed to guide the participants toward a resolution that is based on their individual circumstances and needs at that time and into the future. The participants chose their resolution and by doing so avoid the adversarial nature of litigation. They do not subject themselves to a decision made by a judge who will never be able to fully understand the family dynamics of the participants as only the participants can.
Mediation can result in a full agreement that is crafted specifically to the situation at hand. With the help of experienced mediation attorney the dispute is resolved and reduced to writing in a binding mediated settlement agreement which is not revocable. Each participant has the assurance that their agreement will become the order of the Court.

As an experienced family law mediator, I can assist the parties in the confidential process of resolving the issues related to their marital estate and the best interest of the family going forward.