Marlene Dancer Adams: The leading Divorce Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Named Top Family Lawyer by HTown Magazine, she has devoted over 30 years to the practice of family law,
property law and mediation. You can be assured that Marlene knows the laws and procedures necessary
to bring about a successful resolution to your legal issues

I as a Houston divorce lawyer, work hard to find solutions.

No matter if it is you, or your spouse, who is seeking divorce, I work hard to find solutions to even the most difficult situations. Whether it’s child custody, visitation schedules, child and spousal support, or the equal division of marital assets, my goal as a divorce lawyer is to get an agreement for you that takes into account your goals and interests and the interests of the other members of your family.

I have found my clients in Texas are able to get better relief than the “one size fits all” solutions the court system tends to rely on.

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I am available to my clients.

There are no “gate-keepers” to go through to get to me. It’s one of my pet-peeves. When you hire me you get me, not a handler. I hear horror stories all the time of clients meeting their divorce lawyers at the courthouse and neither the client nor the divorce lawyer is ready to face the court. I ensure both you and I will be prepared before we enter a courtroom. It is one of the biggest reasons I was named "Top Family Lawyers" by H Town Magazine.

Our Values

Divorce is not an easy process. It is a long multi-step procedure that handles many complex issues and can be very emotional. I as a professional and experienced Houston divorce lawyer can help ease the stress of handling navigating the courts and help you bring about a satisfactory resolution to a painful time. If you are considering, or going through a divorce in Texas, contact us today at 713-529-2501. Our team of divorce Lawyers in Houston serve clients in Houston and surrounding areas.